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Love stories need to be shared, witnessed and told for many generations to come.

How to make your wedding films look amazing!

We want to help craft your story from the very first moments of falling in love  right through to the excitement of energy on the big day in a professional short film. So we need to capture this narrative through the audio. (ie words spoken on the day)

1. Personalised vows

We love personalised vows, so raw and authentic and perhaps the only or first time you have had the opportunity to be witnessed in expressing what is truly in your heart. Take this time to dig deep and share your heart. 

2. Speeches

We want to be able to draw from these stories so it’s helpful if you give your speakers some direction.
Ask your speakers to talk about their personal experience when their daughter/son/best mate fell in love.  Ask them to speak about how you both fell in love, the first time they met your partner and the personality of you both together and individually. Directing their speech to be about your love story rather than a list of childhood achievements is going to add some serious charm to a well crafted narrative.  We also love when the bride and groom give a heartfelt speech not only to their guests but to their new wife/husband. This is usually a different tone to the ceremony and we can really capture some personality and emotion here! This is particularly advised if you choose to go with traditional vows. As we would love to capture a few authentic words exchanged between you both!

3. Timing of ceremony & capturing bridal party footage

It’s best to time your photo session with the photographer around the golden hour (to avoid harsh lighting shadows and over exposure). This is the hour before sunset when the light is at it’s most golden and cinematic. Depending on your location this can vary but let’s just say the few hours before sunset are going to make your film look dreamy and flattering compared to peak midday sunshine.  This might mean making your ceremony a little later in the day (which we recommend for better lighting if outdoors).  

4. Lighting

Once the sun goes down we are counting on some lovely festoon lighting to give our films a lustful glow. Make sure your reception, speeches and dance areas are well lit!
We can chat about all of this in our initial meeting x

5. Two Videographers

There are energetic points throughout the day that have many awesome things happening simultaneously so we always recommend hiring 2 videographers to ensure all these emotive moments are captured. (eg. groom reaction shot while bride is walking down the aisle, speeches, etc) 
Also, having different angles edited together creates a smooth cinematic film.
We can chat about all of this in our initial meeting x

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