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After your big day, we edit

While you’re on your honeymoon, we’ll take care of the fun stuff. At the beginning of your film edit we will look closely at wedding vows and speeches to pull out key moments and memories that have brought you to that moment where the bride and groom kiss. We take what we have filmed and match it with what the vibe had everyone feeling on the day. This means that all of your pain, sweat, and tears turned pleasure, warmth, and joy will be absorbed by our team and all of your diligent planning will not be for nothing. We know how much time and energy goes into this one day to make it so special and vibrant. From here we build a personalised narrative that places both of you in a whimsical love story of your own design. The footage that is chosen will work into this narrative and the decorations and detail from the day will be used to help bring it all to life. We believe that nothing is unintentional and appreciate that everything on the day holds a purpose. From the flower arrangements to a special choreographed dance, it all helps to tell your story and we will accentuate every intended detail to make sure nothing is lost. We love what we do and because of this our team is dedicated to creating something you will want to watch again, and again,Β  So let’s make it special for you and for the children X

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