Feeling and filming the Love

We’re a small film company based in the Byron Shire. 
Our team at The First Star, lead by Starcia, appreciates that a real love story isn’t structured and doesn’t develop in one straight line. It can take time to grow, it can get messy, and it can be something else entirely. We are determined to help you catch what the two of you have, with all of it shining through on your momentous day, on film. Our respect for your unique relationship and personal love-line is what inspires us to create a film that documents, first and foremost, the essence of your connection. The energy on the day helps us to feel which elements need extra attention; and with your requests in mind we are able to intuitively compose a film that, to the best of our abilities, literally captures the love in the air. 

Meet Starcia

Starcia in the making

Some of life’s true joys inspire me greatly. I feel it deep in my belly. When I get that feeling, I create and I don’t stop until I’ve turned it into a piece of art.

This is how I got here. A few years ago, friends of mine were getting married and I knew their love celebration was going to be epic. Almost uncontrollably, I put my hand up to be their videographer, because I so badly wanted to capture what this duo was all about; and I’ve been hooked ever since.
After I took that first creative leap and caught this humbling connection on film, I fell in love with the art of weaving love stories together. These stories deserve to be told and I knew I had the knowledge and creative flair to do it well.
I was drawn to the possibility of capturing these hidden elements that are essentially super energetic and emotionally powerful—the cosmic shades of a relationship that need to be time capsuled and relived. All of a sudden, I wholeheartedly understood why the marriage and love union was so incredibly important and why I needed to be a part of this love/film transfer.
Having a larger than life connection of my own has been a huge influencing factor in my creative life and this person has been with me from the beginning of my film journey. So when I’m not in a state of creative bliss filming and editing, I am hanging out with my gorgeous daughter Sophia, who is 2.5 at the time of writing this and it’s such a fun age! We spend our time together happily playing with friends, daydreaming, bushwalking, and appreciating the earth’s salt and sand which covers our skin as we dance on this beautiful land we call home x

Lets capture
something special