Witnessing loves story

We create films that are authentic, timeless and cinematic.

We pride ourselves on creative storytelling, weaving the magical moments of the day. We emphasize the FEELING  of the day  in a thoughtful piece that will evoke emotions every time.

but first things first, falling in love...

After falling in love, deciding that a person is, in fact, ‘the one’ and that the time is right, something ritualistic and courageous takes place. One of you gets down on one knee, lifts open a small box, and asks those four exciting words to pop the big question. 
Sometimes it’s less traditional, but either way those magic words open up a door that you have not yet walked through together; and when you get to your big day we want to help you save every single joyous moment shared together.

Married in Modern

Marriage has evolved to keep up with true love. This traditional ceremony has had to catch up with what this day means to all of us now. It is now less about the title and tradition and more about connection and love. This also means that weddings have gotten a whole lot more creative and fun, inspiring a modern approach to the old wedding video. This love union between you both is what needs to be captured and what better opportunity is there than your big day. All the planning and detail that goes into making this day stand out in your joint life is an expression of your love story, your love life, and it demands to be seen…again, and again, and again. 
This is a moment in time when all of your closest companions gather together to celebrate the love between two people they hold dear to their hearts. Not only is this day a celebration of your love, but a chance to celebrate the love that has brought you here. Getting all of your people together to celebrate takes hours of planning and preparation. When all of the planning has come together and the date is booked you know in your heart that you need a skilled videographer to creatively get it all on film. 


Loves witness

Engagement* or Elopement

Short & sweetly specific.

A collection of moments thoughtfully weaved into a cinematic film. Coverage includes bride & groom prep, ceremony & speeches. 

Up to 3 hours coverage
Cinematic 1-3 minute film (1 song)
1 Videographer

*Engagement can be added to any package or stand alone

From $900

Sacred ripples

Capturing special moments.
A collection of moments from the entire day, thoughtfully weaved into a cinematic film. Coverage includes bride & groom prep, ceremony, reception, speeches, dinner + dancing.
Does not include audio capture.
8 hours coverage 
5-7 minute film (2 songs)
1-2 Videographers

Raw footage of speeches.

From $2000


A timeless love story.
Relive your special day over and over with our cinematic capture of sacred moments from the entire day including full audio. We thoughtfully weave the best snippets from the ceremony, vows + speeches to carefully craft your custom love story.
8-10 hours coverage
8-10 minute film
1 x 3 minute highlight film (1 song no audio)
2 Videographers 

Raw footage of speeches

From $3000

Love stories need to be shared, witnessed and told for many generations to come.

How to make your wedding films look amazing!

We want to help craft your story from the very first moments of falling in love 
right through to the excitement of energy on the big day in a professional short film. So we need to capture this narrative through the audio. (ie words spoken on the day)

Lets capture
something special